Saturday, 15 January 2011


I always do AND I’m always doing
(1) I always do (something) carries the meaning: I do it every time.
  • I always go to work by car. (not I’m always going)
(2) ‘I’m always doing something’ on the other hand has a different meaning. For example,
  • I’ve lost my pen again. I’m always losing things.
(I’m always losing things = I lose things very often, perhaps too often, or more often than normal)

Two more examples:
  • You’re always watching television. You should do something more active.
(= You watch television too often)

  • Tim is never satisfied. He’s always complaining. (= He complains too much)


In the next post, we shall discuss more on the comparison between present continuous and present simple tense. For the time being, get yourself to understand the differences mentioned above and if possible, look for other differences as well :)

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